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Lime, Bird, Bolt, and Lyft – The E-Scooter Craze has reached South Florida

Theoretically, it’s a good thing; but beware – the activity is not without serious risks for riders and pedestrians. Read More

A Basic Guide To The Property Rezoning Process In Florida

Do you have to apply for rezoning? The answer depends on your unique circumstances. Read More

Understanding Florida Liquor Licensing

If you’re starting or buying a Florida business that will sell or serve alcohol, you’ve probably got lots of questions... Read More

Suing a City or Municipality in Florida: A Basic Overview for Businesses

Can I sue a city in Florida? When it comes to municipal law, the answer is, “it depends.” Read More

An Overview of Eminent Domain in Florida

In Florida, as in other states, the federal, state, or even local government can take private property through a legal process called Eminent Domain. Read More

Viewing 61 - 65 out of 65 posts

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