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Subdividing Property in Florida

Here are some simple tips to keep in mind if you’re thinking about subdividing your South Florida property. Read More

What do I need to know about Zoning in Fort Lauderdale?

Get a basic understanding of what zoning is and the avenues through which we may be able to change restrictions so as to maximize business potential. Read More

Are You Ready to Buy an Existing Florida Business?

Whether you are making your initial foray into the business world or you are an investor thinking about adding to your portfolio, buying an established Florida business is always worth considering. Read More

Stop The Heartache Before It Starts: Simple Steps For Reducing The Likelihood Of Business ‘Divorce’

It doesn’t matter if you’re ending a personal relationship or a business partnership. As the old song says, “breaking up is hard to do.” Read More

An Overview of Business Contingency Fee Arrangements in Florida

The biggest benefit of a business contingency fee arrangement is that there are no initial fees. Instead, your lawyer will receive fees as a specific percentage of your settlement offer or judgment. Read More

Why A Good Negotiator Is Essential When Creating A Contract

Rather than picking up the pieces after the fact, we can negotiate the best terms for you from the beginning. Read More

Viewing 19 - 24 out of 65 posts

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