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Understanding Promissory Estoppel In Florida Contract Law

Promissory estoppel is a claim made in an effort to make someone keep a promise, even though there isn’t a written or oral contract. Read More

Choice Of Law Provisions In Florida Contracts

A choice of law provision is also known as a forum selection or a governing law provision. Read More

What to Do as a Florida Business Owner if Your Customer Doesn’t Pay

What can you do as a business owner when you fulfill your end of the bargain but your customers doesn’t pay? Keep reading to find out. Read More

Terms and Conditions For Your Website – Are They Really Necessary?

No one really likes the fine print. In truth, however, the “fine print” is an essential part of most e-commerce or business websites. Read More

COVID-19 Resources For South Florida Business Owners

Information about types of assistance, including help with marketing and promotion. Read More

Viewing 31 - 36 out of 65 posts

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